Turo. The story began in 1938, when three young entrepreneurs founded a company focused on men’s clothes and, soon after, specialising in suits.

The defining ideology of the company was clear and simple. The idea was ‘to benefit the customer with good products, shop owner with easy-to-sell goods, and the employees by providing enjoyable, well-paid work’.

And this is what put Turo ahead of its time: the ambition and skill to make suits that seamlessly fit into a man’s life. Timeless, high-quality, and easy to wear. Today, Turo is an international Finnish suit brand, with its roots in the heart of some of the most beautiful Nordic nature.

The collection is modern, distinctive and focussed, moving with the times, just like the men who wear these suits every day – or perhaps every other day, now and then, once a year, as the situation arises. Regardless of time, place and age.