Custom suit

Tailored by Turo

The first fitting is always fitted and shaped in the store to achieve a perfect fit. The measurements are saved in our system, and in the future you can order your suit easily and without fitting, as long as the old measurements still apply.

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Get to know the fabrics. A wider selection of fabrics in the store.

The store's made-to-measure service

1) Choose the fabric with the seller

Our own fabric selection has a selection of approx. 60 options, which includes, in addition to basic fabrics, woolen fabrics from high-quality Italian fabric manufacturers, e.g.: Reda, Angelico, Marzotto, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Zignone... In addition, there is a very wide selection of Loro Piana woolen fabrics.

2) Select a model

Do you like a traditional fit or do you want a slimmer suit? The seller will help you find the right model for you Whether you're tall, short, curvy or slim - everything works! There are still several model options inside the frames, e.g. with vertical pattern collar, patch pockets, or semi-lined. You can choose trousers with or without, for example, an upslaak.

3) Customization

The seller knits the suit and takes down all the necessary change points to make the pattern fit perfectly. As many changes are made to the costume as necessary. The amount of changes does not affect the price of the suit. The change points remain in Turo's system.

4) Selecting details

Choose the buttons and lining fabric you like. The seller helps and gives his recommendations.

5) After five weeks, the suit is ready

The finished suit arrives at the store. The suit is adjusted one more time, and we check that everything is in order.